Nike Epic React
Instant Go!

Partnering with Nike, Hovercraft created a self-propelled treadmill game where customers could test out the new Nike Epic React in front of a 180° screen at Niketown SOHO in New York. From art direction to user experience, I acted as the lead designer on the project guiding our illustrators and 3D designers to create and populate our vibrant, low-poly world. Designed and completed in three weeks, the Nike React Treadmill was one of the most ambitious digital projects ever completed at Hovercraft.

Art Direction  |  Interactive Design  |  Illustration

Creative Director
Matt FaJohn

Tyler Bell, Luke Acevedo, Shawn Astrom

Justin Gitlin


The treadmill experience highlighted the four main attributes of the Epic React shoe: light, springy, long-lasting, and soft. Inspired by the foam & material based ad campaign, we concepted and styled four varying low-poly worlds that led customers from the urban jungle of New York City to calming shoes of Santa Monica beach. 

After a month in SOHO, the treadmill installation was moved to Dick's Sporting Goods in Chicago and was modified to a flat-screen format.