Nike Adapt BB

For the launch of the Nike Adapt BB, Hovercraft created an interactive basketball trialing experience at Nike NYC's House of Innovation. Focusing on the shoe's performance and ease of use, Hovercraft created and developed a visual style that led users through various skill challenges. After the experience, consumers could take away a printed poster highlighting data from their actual performance.

Interactive Design  |  Animation

Creative Director
Matt FaJohn

Art Director
Derek Leach

Ben Chwirka, Ken Macy

Justin Gitlin
, Robert Fikes IV

Players stepped onto the court and were instructed to find their perfect fit. Once achieved, the court powered up and game play began. Coaches could then tailor the experience based on participants interest & ability levels, creating a flexible & fluid journey for all.


At the end of the trial, we used an automated visualization process to turn each users data unto a personalized one-off, large format poster.


We used thermal cameras to capture real-time data, processed it through a custom application and presented it back on multiple monitors to create a responsive tunnel experience for visitors.