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Hovercraft Website – Romeo Salazar

Hovercraft's newest brand refresh required a completely redesigned site to reflect the new focus of the studio. From day one, the site's experience was designed to act as a sales tool to educate new clients about the various services Hovercraft offers.

Role: UX / UI Designer

The challenge:

How does Hovercraft create a sales tool that highlights the new multidisciplinary focus of the studio?


From the beginning, the site map gave us the opportunity to explore what user journeys would give new clients the best idea of the work we created. Instead of leading with case studies, a brand manifesto reel and a list of services would introduce new clients to the types of experiences Hovercraft creates.

Our site map explorations ranged from creating extremely simple journeys that cut out as much content as possible to footers that would guide users from page to page through a completely linear experience. Other options included a scroll-jacked homepage that contained all of the content on a single page.


Creating mobile-first wireframes gave us the opportunity to focus on creating a simple experience that didn't overwhelm users with long pages of endless content.


Our team looked to the HBO Go app's non-traditional mobile navigation as inspiration for easily guiding users through a wide range of content. If a new client was interested in our environmental work, they wouldn't have to sift through our portfolio of work to find relevant projects to their interests.


Case studies highlight larger multidisciplinary projects that require writing and content creation while individual service sections focus on creating a visual lookbook that is easily populated with photography and videos only.


Some of the alternate wireframe explorations showed how the different site maps came to life. The highly collaborative nature of your clients being your creative directors led to multiple rounds of explorations that culminated in various directions being combined for the final wireframes.